What’s our Story ??

11 Years, 23 Films, Box Office Hits, Multiple Awards, a decade full of excitement & more to look forward to !

2009, the year we first ventured into production with Mahesh Manjrekar's ambitiously written 'Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy'. Years of understanding cinema, pulse of a Good script, need for meaningful cinema, and a rational decision was made to produce it. A decision which paid off, as not only did the movie go on to become the highest grossing Marathi film of all time, it inspired multitudes. It was a Game Changer ! Everest has been pushing the boundaries ever since with innovative, meaningful & clutter breaking films.

Everest has produced films as diverse as 'Happy Journey' a beautiful fantasy between siblings, 'Coffee Ani Barach Kahi' an unusual romcom which is a cult classic today, 'Tukaram' (state award winner) a Biopic on the revered Saint Tukaram, 'Aajcha Divas Majha' a heart warming story of a principled politician as he tries to do the morally right thing. 'Aajcha Divas Majha' won the highest Coveted 'National Award' for the Best Feature Film in Marathi, ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai’ – 2 & 3, the most loved franchise in Marathi featuring heart throbs Swapnil Joshi & Mukta Barve, ‘Amhi Doghi’ a progressive & path breaking adaptation of Gauri Deshpande’s story about an unusual friendship between a young independent girl & her step mother. Our Productions have earned us 3 National Awards & 15 State Awards till date.

In the ongoing Pandemic we showcased & premiered a little gem of a film ‘Picasso’ directly on Amazon Prime. ‘Picasso’ earned a special mention at the recent 67th National Film Awards.

Everest also has the unique distinction of backing 9 (Nine) first time Director’s i.e. Santosh Manjrekar (Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy – 2009), Abhijeet Satam (Haapus – 2010), Sameer Vidwans (Time Please – 2013), Prakash Kunte (Coffee Ani Barach Kahi – 2015), Hemant Dhome (Baghtos Kaay Mujara Kar – 2017), Nipun Dharmadhikari (Baap Janma – 2017), Pratima Joshi (Amhi Doghi – 2018), Girish Joshi (TCGN – 2018), Saleel Kulkarni (Weddingcha Shinema – 2019). Pratap Phad, the director of our forthcoming film ‘Ananya’ – 2021/22, will be the 10th first time Director to be backed by Everest.

2021–22 has exciting ventures lined up such as ‘Ananya’ featuring Hruta Durgule, ‘Boyz 3’ – the fun continues, MPM 4 & more. It’s not an ideal situation - the Pandemic .. but the show must go on!